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uin 2024 Global City Walk

Dear uin fans,
I hope this email finds you well. we are thrilled to invite you to be a part of our upcoming annual campaign: 'Let's Walk—uin 2024 Global City Walk', which celebrates the artistic spirit of urban exploration and will take place from April 6 to May 31.

We would like you to participate in this unique event by sharing your "City Walk" experiences in appropriate videos or photos in the version of you wearing the purchased uin.If your posts' likes reach the top 10, you will enjoy the privilege of receiving 4 free pairs (one pair per quarter) from the 2024 TOP 100 uin Star Shoes! Here are the participation details for you to become a 2024 City Walker more easily:

  1. Buy A Pair: buy any one pair of uin from April 6 and wear them on your spring urban journey.
  2. Follow Us: follow uin's official Instagram account @uinfootwear to check the status of your posts and other new trends from the brand.
  3. Win 4 Pairs (one pair per quarter) in Exchange for Posts: upload your "city walk" experiences to your personal Instagram by May 31 in the appropriate videos or photos of you wearing the uin you purchased. Please remember to add #walkwithuin and tag uinfootwear so we can see your posts.

The 2024 City Walker will be announced on Instagram on June 14. By participating, you will not only have the opportunity to showcase our stylish and comfortable shoes but also contribute to spreading the message of embracing the beauty and creativity of urban exploration.

We hope that together we can make "Let's Walk—2024 uin Global City Walk Art Journey" a resounding success! Look forward to your participation.