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Hola from Spain

The ultimate bionic comfort, the bold unapologising Spanish colour-painting patterns are our answers and approaches for travellers, our shoes are designed for the ones who are ready to immerse, to be mindful, to dive into a travel spot, no matter where you are, when the time is, whom to be with…

The Beginning of uin Story

On a spring morning in 2014, Fernando, a Spanish designer, found his wife struggled to find a perfect shoe for her journey. That was how Fernando's design generated: to make a new shoe category—travel shoes.

A Star is Born

Fernando took the topographic maps of cities in Spain as an inspiration and created Toledo, a pair of comfortable travel loafers that was thereby welcomed by millions of consumers all over the world.

Time to Recapture Travelling Fun

uin Collaboration Gallery

Inspired by the timeless masterpieces housed in the National Gallery, uin and the National Gallery, London collaborate to present an artfully designed collection of uin's classic and latest footwear. You will have "A Timeless Journey" with our unique collection.


The collaboration represents Steven Scott 's pinting "Into the Woods", capturing the mystery and magic of nature, and the fascination he feels when observing the colorful beauty of flowing water, flowers, birds, butterflies, and bees of his secret garden.


Taking Trev & Tim Gainey's breathtaking images as an inspiration, uin and the Gainey brothers work together to present meaningful design. You will eventually find love, kindness and soul through this spiritual and creative journey.