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Malaga-A Mule Revolution

Welcome to experience the relaxing "Malaga" Style of uin. Whether you’re staying in or going out, our “Malaga” is designed with comfort, versatility and style in mind. Join us as we walk you through the revolution of mules and show you why they should be your next go-to travel companion.uncomfortable rubbing or squeezing. uin knitted collection moves with you, ensuring every step is an enjoyable pleasure.


Dance in the Air

Lightweight, one-piece design weighs roughly the same as an avocado (130g/shoe)

Trendy Slipper Design

Easy to put on and take off
Bringing a relaxing wearing experience whether on leisure vacation or at home

Easy Pack & Go

Soft and spongy resilient EVA outsole gives you a gentle touch on the ground
The durable outsole keeps up with all your walks.


Healthy Feet Happy Life

Massage insole promotes air circulation to keep your feet dry and helps to improve blood circulation.
Superior arch support fights foot fatigue to help you stay active for longer.

100% Pure Cotton

Lightweight and breathable to keep feet dry and comfortable in hot weather
Sustainable and friendly to the environment

Feel the Heartbeat of the Ancient Town

Artistic 3D map of Toledo
The slip-proof sole
provides excellent grip