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Story Between Alphonse Mucha and UIN Footwear

The prototype of the Monacan Girl design stems from Alphonse Mucha’s artwork—Monaco and Monte-Carlo. As one of the greatest artists of the day, Mucha was known for his distinctly stylized and decorative theatrical posters of Sarah Bernhardt.

On this painting, the holy and pure girl surrounded by flowers in clusters seems to be a perfect incarnation of glamour, raising her head and praying for goodness, hope, and peace. With vibrant colors, the flowers and plants full of vitality are permeated with an enchanting fragrance, implying the nobility, purity, and beauty of that girl.
Illuminated by such artwork with strong artistic appeal and unique aesthetic expression, we printed it on UIN shoes, with the fervent desire to encourage you to chase for faith, freedom, and love.
We, UIN Footwear is striving to be with you and quest for a better world.
Now, join us, for the goodness, for the better.

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