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“You Can’t Box People Based on a Specific Stereotype”👄

Mara Chitimus, a software developer, has been working in IT, a male-dominated industry, since her second year of college to date. She said, "I think most people think girls in IT have to be very boyish; they usually expect hoodies, no make-up, and a tendency to hang out with guys. But just like with every job, you can’t box people based on a specific stereotype or expectation. I would say I’m a very girly girl, but I also have female colleagues who wouldn’t trade their hoodies and sneakers for anything. It’s true that in the software development department tend to be more guys than girls, but this doesn’t mean that the girls working there don’t love high heels and red lipstick."

“Red Makes Me Feel Bold”👄

It's hard not to notice Mara's ginger-red curls, which are reminiscent of Princess Merida, the free-spirited and courageous girl from Disney's Movie Brave. "She was my favorite prince🤗. She’s very independent and wild. But she’s still cute and princessy. It’s a nice combination" she said.

Color is at the core of Mara's outfit." I don’t pick colors based on emotions, but rather on how that color makes me feel. For example, I know green will always compliment my hair, so I feel comfortable with it. Red makes me feel bold, because a redhead wearing red tends to attract attention, even if you’re only looking for a second, with a corner of an eye. Black and white are basic choices, but depending on the clothes it also feels rather classy, and the list goes on.😊

Being Comfy or Aesthetic? -I Can Have it All!👄

As a travel enthusiast and a lover of fashion, no matter where she goes, Mara can always find an outfit to match the locale. She said, " It’s pretty hard to find cute and comfy shoes, so I am happy with my uni shoes because they fit both labels at the same time. They go great with a lot of things and I can take them with me when traveling – this way, they will look good in pictures and I won’t have issues with walking around the cities."

Coding may be mechanical and rigid, but Mara's fashion attitude isn't. She said, "I love the different themes and colors and I had a lot of fun integrating the shoes in my daily outfits. The collection with paintings is definitely a favorite of mine, so wearing the sunflower fields shoes, for example, makes me feel a little like a fancy art lover, even when I’m just going shopping."