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We're thrilled to showcase the fusion of fashion and art through our recent collaboration with the incredibly talented illustrator, Bodil Jane. Known for her vibrant and intricate artwork that celebrates women and nature, playful, colourful and
feminine, Bodil has brought her unique vision to life on our brand's new line of shoes. Join us and discover the inspiration behind this captivating collection.

Bodil as an artist, is trying to keep inspired and in tune with what she loves doing, something that keeps on changing. Being creative requires constant development, in terms of style, adjusting to being busy (or not at all), feeling the urge to create (or not), and so on. She thinks being independent is an important part of it - doing her own thing without getting distracted.

When we asked about how Bodil make personal growth, she says "I’m not sure if I “make” it, I feel life just happens. To quote Picasso: “I do not seek, I find”. Sometimes I feel like I should do more about personal growth, but then again, I think there’s not much that I can do about it. Last year was a very transitional year for me, becoming a mother. Something like that automatically leads to personal growth. " 

As travelers at heart who cherish both comfort and aesthetics, it was only natural for us at uin to seek out a kindred spirit when envisioning our latest collection.
Bodil’s creative process is as unique as her artwork; drawing inspiration from nature's palette she infuses every design with warmth akin to sun rays kissing your skin. Her piece “The Sun Ray” is no exception – it’s where each brushstroke tells a story about embracing life’s journeys.
"Partnering with uin is a very smooth collab! I like how uin created a lot of different options, and picked the best ones. We think "The Sun Ray" fairly resonates with the spirit of passion, vibrant and fun of uin.

"The Sun Ray" collection isn't just another line of products but a symbol of freedom and expression of individuality. Each pair is crafted to embody values we hold dear while offering unparalleled support wherever the path may lead. Whether strolling city streets or hiking coastal trails, uin is your go-to companion in life's journey. Come and pick up your own sun ray.

The credits for images are: Bodil Jane