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uin Toledo Family-trendy travel

Ignite the Spain in U
Each outsole of Toledo family represents a Spanish city. Whether you want to show your fashionable, artistic styles, or vintage ones, the Toledo family will meet your needs. Let's follow the Toledo family and travel to the world of Spanish masters to ignite the fun in your heart.

The outsole is inspired by Toledo's rich art and culture, combined with the features of Toledo's ancient city map, to bring you a pleasant and fun travel time in the city. When you put Toledo on, strolling in this medieval city, the nostalgic elements will tell you the past glory.

The bubbles that pervade the shoe outsoles like a dream constitute its unique aura of surrealism, an innovative tribute to the talented Spanish artist Dalí. When you wear it and stroll in Figueras, it is like wandering in Dali's quirky and funny brain, which allows you to reap unique artistic inspiration.

"The straight line belongs to man, the curved one to God". The sole adopts a curved structure, which gives your journey a comfortable, casual-wearing experience and travel mood. To experience Gaudí's extreme fantasy and rich imagination and creativity, you may get inspired by it.

The"Water Ripple" Structure outsoles are inspired by the stunning coastal scenery of the Mediterranean Sea. Let's embrace the freedom of Spain with the oceanic wave and the different shades of azure, and measure the temperature of this seaside city with your feet.