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To Build Her Colorful Empire 💖💛💚💙🖤

uin girl💃

A modern woman could be sophisticated, strong, smart and so on. Nowadays, a woman should be whoever she wants to be and do whatever she wants without any stereotypes. We uin, encourage every woman to dress the way they want and to fully express themselves with their outfits. Women can do anything, uin interviewed three great women who are not restricted by their nature and chased their dreams. Check out their stories.

“I now have more freedom to express myself through my style, either through colours or clothes selection. This brings a sense of freedom in my personality as well. I'm now more confident in wearing my favorite vibrant colors such as red, fuchsia and electric blue which, which for me are the source of dopamine and daily mood booster. uin gives me more chances to express my best self.”— Dian Barke ✍

"I always wanted to study law. So I studied hard and received a scholarship. Everything is achieved with effort and perseverance. Don’t be told you can’t do something. If you have a dream, chase it. Don’t limit yourself girls. Find a goal and reach it." — Carlota Gonzalez Navarro ✍

"I left my Biochemistry course at University and I started working full time and auditioning for Drama Universities in London, to follow what felt like a dream job rather than just a hobby. I didn’t want to be just a Singer but a Triple Threat Performer capable to dance, to act and to sing. The whole process was hard and painful but incredibly satisfying and in 2020, I graduated in Musical Theater. I do what I think is necessary to improve everyday and to be a better version of who I was yesterday. " — Myriam Cavalli ✍