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Step into the Untamed Beauty of Maoriland

Few places in the world can compare to New Zealand for its breathtaking scenery. Snow-capped mountains, sparkling lakes, crystal-clear glaciers, vast meadows and scenic beaches make up New Zealand's unforgettable natural beauty. But beyond the country's serene landscapes, you will also find chic boutiques, cool cafés, vibrant art scenes and fancy lounges aplenty. Is that all? Of course not! Go deeper. The Maori are waving to you.

Slip into the Home of Hobbit

Are you a fan of Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit? If yes, you can't miss the opportunity to visit Hobbiton Movie Set! A tour of the Hobbiton is one of the top things to do in New Zealand. It takes you out of reality and right into the Shire, where you can see Hobbit holes, the mill and the famous Green Dragon Inn. Even if you're not a fan, you'll revel in the natural beauty of hobbiton. Take uin to delve into the magic world.

Stroll with the Hipster Vibe

Wellington has been dubbed "the coolest little capital in the world" by Lonely Planet. Nestled in the southern corner of New Zealand's North Island, Wellington is a perfect combo of nature and modern urbanism. Put your uin on. Let's go for a city walk. Catch an opera at New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, see an art exhibition at the Wellington City Gallery, and learn about New Zealand's natural environment and Māori culture at Te Papa Museum. Feel tired now? Get on a cable car. Let it take you deep into the Wellington city. Order a cup of flat white at a trendy café on Cuba Street. See if it's true what they say, "It's hard to find bad coffee in New Zealand".

Tap to the Music of Māori

Māori culture is a very central part of life in New Zealand, which is reflected in tattoos, dances, and art. They are good at carving and weaving, among which carving is the essence of Maori art. Kapa haka is the term for Māori performing arts, kapa means to form a line, and haka to dance. Kapa haka involves an emotional and powerful combination of song, dance and chanting. Join Māori friends and tap your feet to the beat of the music!