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New Mean Girls Rules 📸✨

Weekday OOTD with uin

While the Mean Girls movies have their own set of plastic rules, uin has our own set of authentic rules. We believe that true beauty does not have to be mean. To express our true beauty, we can pair uin shoes with the Mean Girls-inspired looks.

Every day should be fashionable with a fresh pair of creative uin shoes. Embrace the momentum of a stylish wardrobe with passion, taste, and flair for everyday living. And, of course, on Mondays, authenticity calls for color or colorful shoes.

Wednesday is all about pink, femininity, and friends. Catch up with your best friends on the trendy "gap day" in the middle of the week and dress up in your favorite pink with uin shoes before meeting your friends.

Let the PINK color show our vibes!

The week is almost over, and it's time to relax in jeans or comfy sweatpants. Whether you are a professional, a retiree, or a leisure enthusiast, you can have a comfortable pair of uin as part of your outfit. Let's enjoy the week-end leisure!