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My Age? Why Do You Ask?

Maria Jose was a teacher and now working as a public servant. But she has another identity on social media——She is a fashion blogger on Instagram to inspire women over 50.
"As I was getting older I felt like I had to brighten up my outfits more. I don't like to think that because I'm a 58-year-old woman, almost 59, I have to dress like our mothers dressed, which was generally very boring and serious.
I love it when they tell me that I look younger not only because I take care of myself physically but also because my outfits are edgy and youthful.
The reason why I started on Instagram is that I realized that women over 50 were forgotten by fashion and brands. So the ideas for my Instagram profile were clear it was going to be focused on fashion and trends for women over 50, who do not want to be invisible and want to look beautiful by seeing how it looked on me, a normal lady with real clothes, so that they could imagine how those clothes would look on them."

Some Fun Facts

uin: If you are going on a 7-day trip and you can only take 2 pairs of shoes with you, which would you choose?
Maria: For summer and high temperatures, a flat shoe and a comfortable sandal without a heel, but now that I have uin footwear it is undoubtedly the star of my suitcase and my trips.

uin: What did you expect aging to be like? And how do you feel about it now?
Maria: I don't mind getting older, I think that it is the process of life and that in addition to wrinkles, you accumulate experience and more self-confidence. I want to become a grandmother, a dynamic, happy person with a style of dress that reflects that dynamic and happy state of mind not only for the people who see me but for me when I look in the mirror.
Now I am in the best moment of my life without a doubt.

Maria's Story with uin

"I didn't know the brand nor had I seen anyone wearing this type of footwear. But when I saw it I found it to be of exceptional quality and total innovation in the style of the footwear. It opened my mind to a type of footwear that could be considered, in addition to being comfortable, JOYFUL.