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A Designer is a Father First

For every designer, the products are like their own children, and uin shoes are undoubtedly Fernando Acevedo's kids he is most proud of. On this Father's Day, Let's Meet the man behind your favourite shoes. He is a designer, a traveller and most importantly a father. Let us find out his story.

Q1.As the Father of uin shoes, among all the shoe models, who is your favuorite "kid" and why? How was it born?

Although my love is equal to all, I am proud of Toledo the most. I arrange a specific inspirational trip every season. One morning in the spring of 2014, my wife and I packed our bags and prepared to leave for the journey. Facing the whole closet of shoes, my wife was unable to decide which pair of shoes to wear for the trip. This scene instantly sparked my design inspiration. Why not design a pair of travel shoes? Since we need a pair of sneakers when exercising, why can't we have a pair of travel shoes when travelling? Finally, during the dusk of one evening, along the banks of the ancient city of Toledo, Spain. I completed the creative idea of travelling shoes that have been in my heart for a long time - Toledo 1 was born!

Q2. How do you approach the design process for creating Toledo that are both stylish and functional for travel purposes?

The original bionic foot-shaped design, one-piece minimalist upper combined with a strong Spanish-style artistic pattern, and a streamlined hand-made ceramic sole with Toledo city-crafted outsole is a perfect match for both stylish and functional for Toledo! The product design concept “CALSEN” was generated from it. Later I designed Toledo family which covers different seasons, scenes and emotions through various shoe outsoles, but all adhere to the principle of both stylish and functional.

Meet All My Toledo Kids-Toledo Family

uin Toledo Family for Leisure Travel


uin Toledo Family for Trendy Travel


Q3. Tell us one of your most memorable travel experiences.

A few days ago, my children and I were looking at some photos from our trip to New York. We started to see some photos of us in Central Park. They were very small so it was the first time they had seen a squirrel. I remember they just run and try to catch them, It was really funny. My little daughter had a little camera to made some photos and videos. And she did more than fifty photos of the squirrel. These kinds of moments and trips are unforgettable for the whole family.

Q4. As a family person, tell us one of your unforgettable moments with your kids.

In 2015 my whole family went to visit Dubai. The last night we took a camel ride and ate typical food from there while we watched a dance show. This experience was in a beautiful place that looked like a camp in the middle of the desert.My favorite moment from that trip was watching the sunset with my children and my wife in that indescribable landscape, talking about the funniest things we had experienced during the trip. Some of these examples were the day we swam with dolphins or the exotic and delicious typical food that we tried. It was an amazing and unforgettable trip.